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This site has been serving several years as a non-profit installation server of some open source addon programs mainly for Finnish Ubuntu users. 

  A couple of my interesting software development projects
  • Manually recording network broadcast content of Finnish YLE Areena and MTV3 Katsomo¹
  • Auto DL,  Automatic RSS feed based recording server for YLE²

The automatic YLE Areena recording server will not be developed any longer.  Web pages are moved to archive:   <More...>

All software & services are given free as they are without obligation.


Program packets ( .deb )behind "Download area" link are built for Ubuntu Linux. Feel free to use as you want --- no guarantee.  Related documentation and conversation threads are located at   --- sorry only in finnish.You need to be logged in user in order to see full contents of that forum.

    Download area

¹) I accidentally build new deb packages for the downloading program of YLE Areena "yle-dl" and maintain some scripts.  Lauchy add-on for Firefox needed for Firefox yle-dl menu structure does not work any longer with new versions of Firefox. I discontinued MTV3 support already earlier. 
²) YLE Areena does not supply RSS links vital for operation of AutoDL any longer which renders many years successfully working AutoDL automatic recorder defunct with this service.  That's a major technical drawback and nuisance from YLE.

You can find the web pages of yle-dl developer here:

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